Beautiful blowsy Irises

Our Irises are breaking into flower this week. The flowers can be viewed at eye level or from above.
The Iris bed is raised to take full advantage of the sun and edged with catmint. It began with imported soil. Unfortunately a farmer’s definition of topsoil is not the same as a gardener’s. For two years we have been uncompacting, feeding and developing the one-up-from bedrock soil. Look at how strong they are now. In a word: Lush.

Like hollywood starlets from the 1950’s they have suitably glamorous names. Below clockwise from top left are ‘Pirates Quest’,’Vandal Spirit’, ‘Spreckles’ and ‘Mer du Sud’.

No rain this week either

No rain, beautiful blue skies….what are we complaining about? Like farmers, gardeners are never really happy unless we have something to moan about. This month, we will be mostly complaining about beautiful blue skies with no rain in it. Week one was bliss, week two was also great and led us into Easter thinking joyfully of visitor numbers, week three… losing our nerve a bit, now into week four and no rain forecast and the grass is beginning to turn brown…

The Royal Wedding is British, the street parties are British but… no rain… its not even local, let alone British.