Snow at Easton

With the gardens covered in a blanket of white, it seems a good time to show some pictures of the gardens in snow over the years. Hope you enjoy them.

The bridge in the snow.
Dogs outside the hall in the 1930’s
If you can get up enough speed sledging on these slopes, you can take off! (easier to do if you are under 10.)
The outline of the turf maze shows the wheatsheaf, a family crest.
The Tool Tower. This was leaking badly when we first started repair work, but now melting snow is not a danger to this grand bothy.

The snowdrop contains anti-freeze in its cells to protect the plant from extreme temperatures.

Lincolnshire Longwool sheep are perfectly adapted to cold conditions in the park.

Thank you to everyone who visited this year.The team at Easton wish you a very happy Christmas.