Daft English Sport at Easton Walled Gardens

October half term starts on Sunday which can only mean one thing…. the return of amateur sport to Easton Walled Gardens. Now, for those of you that imagine this is just for the kids, try again. Dads get very competitive over this but it’s not about strength… you need skill, you need judgement and you need….er.. a pumpkin.

The terraces at Easton fall away to the river, and during the summer are a tasteful and creative melange of wildflowers, chirping crickets and droning bees…

The Venue

but by the end of the summer all this has been mown away and general pumpkin mania is unleashed.

The rules are simple: no overarm, the pumpkin must touch the first terrace, furthest one wins. Collapsed pumpkin = instant disqualification.

There is only one caveat..if the river floods, you might have to bring a wetsuit to get your pumpkin back.

Pumpkins are supplied from local Lincolnshire growers making this an all round eco-friendly, local and slightly mad sport, come and give it a go.