Sweet Peas – six of the best

Six of the Best.

Our favourite sweet peas (this week anyway)

Linda Carole 2012

Lathyrus odoratus  ‘Linda Carole’  launched by Derek Heathcote who has produced some fine varieties since he started his business in 1992. This striking flower is similar to ‘Mars’ but seems to come better from seed. It has a carmine stripe and a delicate line outlining the white background (called a ‘picotee’ in sweet pea speak). Very good scent for a new variety.


Lathyrus odoratus ‘Matucana’ an old fashioned variety that has been around for 100s of years. The flower is smaller than the modern varieties but what it lacks in size it makes up for with an amazing scent. 10/10 on the smellometer!

Our Harry 1

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Our Harry.’ When we started growing sweet peas, we raised well known blue varieties such as ‘Noel Sutton’. One year at Chelsea I saw this pea across a crowded floral marquee and was immediately smitten. A very reliable, scented form with big flowers, this is the very beautiful ‘Our Harry’

Sweet Pea Evening Glow (6)

Sweet Pea ‘Evening Glow’ is a notable addition to any sweet pea collection as it has a peachy tone in its soft pink flowers that is absent from most other peas. This is a connoisseurs sweet pea, it has some scent and grows vigorously. Sweet Pea ‘Valerie Harrod’ is similar in colour. This is looking very healthy and full of flower on our sweet pea canes.

EWG 5.7.12 (170)

Grandiflora Sweet Peas are sometimes called Antique or Heritage Sweet Peas. This picture shows ‘The Major’ in the foreground with red ‘Queen Alexandra’ behind. They are smaller than their newer cousins but make very gardenworthy plants because of they produce masses of flowers and have a very strong scent.

75 varieties of sweet pea are on show in the gardens now and you can find seed available for sale in the gardens or through our online shop.

(Please note all photographs are Copyright Fred Cholmeley.)