The Velvet border

Built on the rubble of the old front drive in the driest part of the garden, the Velvet Border did not have a prepossessing start. It is sited just below the gatehouse and is about 15m long. Originally I planned a red border but soon got fed up with the restriction and decided to focus on texture instead. The colourways resulting from this have been far better than I could have hoped. Deep reds and blues vie with dusky yellows and the palest furriest leaves.

This border has finally come into its own this year. The delphiniums and the oriental poppy ‘Pattys Plum’ have got their roots down and decided to show what they can really do. Supported by the great Onopordums at a mere 9′ tall and the purple hue of Cotinus we feel this is a border worthy of a Chelsea showing. Its not much of a shot,┬ámy gardening skills are better than my photography (I hope) but you can at least get a feel for the lushness of the planting.

As the gaps appear in midsummer we have Tithonias and Coleus ‘Black Dragon’ on standby to continue the theme. Hope you have time to come and see it x